Saturday, January 23, 2016


There is not much of advice I can give about the stress. I am rubbish at stress. 

But the truth about stress is that it is supposed to be short. It should not happen every day but only on those rare occasions when that bear finds you. 

BUT it is not short and deem it's her with me every day:(

One of my lecturers while ago explained it very well how do we get ourselves in such a stressful position:

  • You are a roe deer, lion is running after you : you are in stress and run away. Stress is going to save your life. This is great!
  • You are a roe deer, cat (with a lion face :)) is running after you. You are in stress (why??? cat is not going to eat you?!) and run away. Stress is really not necessary, there is no danger. But we still stress..
  • You are a roe deer, and you just had a thought that lion maybe running after you, imaginary lion. But you stress..all the time.

I guess this is so far the best tool that has helped me in stressful situations..just to look at myself from distance and think about cats.

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