Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I don't want to look big

Hi there, I will not stretch out this subject with explaining that girls do not get BIG when lifting weights, as I'm loosing words to explain it, but I will share my moment from Sunday. And maybe examples can work as the best explanation for those who have unchangeable idea that lifting weights will get you BIG (and some people believe it will also happen effective immediately, which is just not true).

So usual Sunday at my gym, I was training together with couple of friends and then there is this tiny, skinny, young and shy looking girl coming into free weights area and I don't know from where but I instantly made a mistake: I judged her by her looks! I thought what is this little thing that doesn't have any muscle definition is going to do with that 16 kg dumbbell. And, Oh men, I was so wrong in my unnecessary judgement. 

She took both 16 kg, took a bench and started reps on very nice controlled shoulder press, later on switching to 18 kg and refusing spot from my friend  as she was completely confident with those weights! 

I feel sorry for my judgement and I have absolutely nothing else than respect, admiration and little jealousy feelings towards that lovely lady! Thank you for my Sunday moment!

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