Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Getting ready for that beach :)

What I would like to tell you today is that everyone can get so called "beach body" ready to go in 3 month (If you are an "average Joe" (both male/female) without any medical issues, and if you are not overweight). 

Problem starts when people think all it will take to get there is 2-3 times a week gym and maybe more salad. That is however impossible.

Transforming your body takes time, dedication, patience, discipline, motivation, knowledge and hard work! And in most of the time it will never happen in three month time, it will take longer, it could take years. And lot of work and "couple" of times when your patience and motivation will fail!


I recently read a blog entry about a guy who decided to do it 12 weeks and he did it! And here are some lines I loved the most:
  • It’s absolute hell
  • I spend the hour attempting not to throw up
  • Very gradually, though, I start to adjust.The workouts become almost… enjoyable?
  • I am constantly exhausted, constantly sore, and constantly going either to or from the gym
  • begin to weigh each of my five daily high-protein meals
  • Alcohol is verboten in this new world, as are carbohydrates. As is sugar. As is fruit
  • I want to quit
  • 12 weeks, 48 training sessions, 64 protein shakes, four “cheat meals”
  • I am delirious with exhaustion and have developed a pathological aversion to chicken breast
  • I have achieved what I set out to

Changing is not easy and it is not a very fast process, If you want to speed it up you can, but it will be all the above and more!


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