Sunday, September 15, 2013

Training mistakes

Internet is full with all kinds of information about training and lately I have been starting to think that it is full only with wrong information because people keep reading articles and decide that they will train themselves because they know everything, but again and again in every consultation I do I need to repeat some basic things you should not do if you are training and actually want to get some kind of results.

I was searching some stuff on-line today and really quickly came across article - 6 most popular training mistakes. So why anyone else doesn't find this information and keep making those same mistakes again and again and again???

So if you want to look good and be strong - you need to WORK out!

One of the pages Don't know what the page is about, but first thing it says is this:

Here are the 6 WORST things you can do if you want to ignite your body's own fat-burning furnace and get lean, strong & totally ripped in less time:
a stick figure doing one arm raises

Mistake #1:
Doing Isolated Exercises

Doing isolated exercises like bicep curls and tricep kick-backs will NOT get you any significant results. These one-muscle-at-a-time moves simply don't stimulate enough muscle fibers to build lean muscle or expend enough energy to maximize your calorie burn.
If you want to build lean muscle while burning fat so you can get serious definition, you need to perform exercises that stimulate as many muscles and expend as much energy as possible at the same time. Using these types of exercises will dramatically accelerate your results.
a stick figure using gym machines

Mistake #2:
Working Out With Machines

Fancy machines may make the gym look high-end, but truthfully, about the only thing they're good for is for sitting down while you tie your shoes or catch your breath! The problem is this: Machines alter the way your body naturally moves and restrict your range of motion. This severely limits your ability to fully activate all of your muscles fibers -- that means less fat burning and less muscle definition. Worse yet, machines can cause excessive strain on your joints, leading to nagging injuries down the road.
If you want fast results, it's critical that you incorporate exercises that allow your body to move naturally with full range of motion so you can skyrocket your metabolism and tone your entire physique.
a stick figure jogging on the treadmill

Mistake #3:
Doing Long Bouts of Cardio

Look, you need to do cardio if you want to lose weight and burn fat...BUT there's a right way and a wrong way to do your cardio workouts. If you've been pounding the pavement or the treadmill with nothing to show for it (except sore joints and a pair of stinky worn out sneakers), you already know it takes a lot of effort to get minimal results.
a stick figure doing sit-ups

Mistake #4:
Doing Crunches & Sit-Ups To Get 6-Pack Abs

If you want washboard abs, doing traditional ab exercises like crunches and sit-ups WILL NOT get you a six pack. In fact, doing any exercises that target your abs won't get you a six pack either! These so-called "ab" exercises are a complete waste of time. They don't make your abs get any more defined and they definitely don't burn any fat.
The key to getting sculpted abs is to burn off that stubborn layer of belly fat that's hiding them!
a stick figure doing the same old workout routine

Mistake #5:
Repeating The Same Workouts Over & Over

Repeating the same workouts over and over is a surefire way to STOP getting results. We're creatures of habit and we tend to stick to things we're familiar with and good at. But when it comes to your workouts, if you want to keep making progress and keep seeing changes in your body, you've got to start switching things up.
You see, your body has an amazingly ability to adapt quickly and when it does, that's when you hit the dreaded plateau and you stop making progress.
a stick figure doing a long workout

Mistake #6:
Doing Loooong Workouts

Longer workouts do NOT equal better or faster results. If you've been slaving away at the gym and your body isn't visibly changing, you can't do more of the same thing and expect a different result.
When it comes to getting lean and fit, your body responds to quality over quantity. 

Stop doing the same old workouts that haven't gotten you any results and find out the TRUTH about how to get lean and ripped with shorter, more effective workouts!!!

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