Wednesday, March 13, 2013


As my previous post was about milk, lets continue similar way and talk about coffee today:)

First thing I have to say - I love it. Maybe sadly, maybe not. It's not the worst thing to love, right? And researches still continues one stating that coffee will harm you other one explaining benefits of it. So let's keep it low and it should be all right!

Drink although full with caffeine - black coffee doesn't contain kcal. So at least we don't need to worry about that. If only you don't drink it with sugar and whole milk or choose latte or cappuccino. Than be aware that you are having small desert there!

But what else I totally love about coffee, except taste and aroma is that it is the best body scrub ever. Honestly! I have tried lots of other options and paid for them a lot of money, but in the end I prefer coffee for 100%. 

What do you do?

You make a coffee - I usually just make it in cup, but if you use something more fancy I believe you still can get leftovers out of there and use them. So you take actual coffee "powder" after it has been used, go to shower, rub your body with that substance for 10 min, rinse it off with water and your skin will be smooth and soft. As coffee contains natural butter/oil there is no need to use any body lotion afterwards - your skin will be nourished and ready to go!


I know it's a bit womenly post. But don't be afraid to try it even if you are not a female:) 

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