Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Two Wheels Good

Starting from name of the company - "Two Wheels Good" there is nothing not to like about this lovely small bike shop in North London.

When I just moved to London (and I did that of course together with my bike) my friend suggested me to choose them to be my Londons bike doctors. Which I did.

There are more than one other bike shops bit closer to my place, but decided that I will take that challenging  journey up and down Crouch hill every time I need some bikeadvice


Because it makes your life much more  better and enjoyable if you can do these small everyday things you have to do at places that have souls. 

Service there is excellent and you can feel that they actually care about your bike. 

And of course small funny things they share around the world - quotations about marriage and repair kit, pictures and videos:

It makes difference and It makes my day more fun.

Sadly they closed shop in Crouch hill, but good news that they are still open in Stoke Newington. So if you are close and you need bikeadvice - I highly recommend!
If you are not close but just need basic advice how to keep your bike cleen, safe and healthy - check this:

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