Wednesday, February 27, 2013


It is true that there are lots of other products which can provide us with calcium, protein and vitamin D and dairy products are not essential for you to live healthy, but somehow everyone is going after milk. 

I read this article about dairy products and Paleo diet(basically imitation of diet of our Paleolithic ancestors) and I found this hilarious yet quite logical idea/statement that 

We(humans) are not cows, so why do we keep drinking milk that is made to be food for baby calf?! 

And we are not actually just drinking and using it, at first we are making it safe for human consumption.

It's not that I'm planning to give up milk. I'm actually a big fan of dairy products - I enjoy to eat yogurt, my favorite guilty pleasure food is cheese and I add milk to my coffee.

But it got me thinking. 

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