Tuesday, February 19, 2013


My friend who is not physically active believes that working out and training is only for loosing weight. 

He just keeps forgetting that being active is natural for humans- it's why we have muscles - to move! 

People keep forgetting that moderate every day activity is good for your general health and well being, it's best prophylaxis for any disease, physical activity releases stress and some endorphin hormones for your happiness, it will do good to your posture, back and it just makes you feel better!

I can't see any reason why not to be active???

I managed to catch flue(very funny universe;)) last week somewhere between flights to LV and back and I'm suffering that I can't do my casual workouts for a week. I can't imagine how bad it feels if you haven't done any active workout for last 6 month, year, 2 years!

Walk briskly, jog, maybe swim, skate, dance, exercise, go to gym, do team sports or cycle!

We are not algae!

Straighten up!

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