Sunday, February 3, 2013


Maybe at the moment it's not the most popular topic for you, but I'm quite sure that lots of people have had at least one smaller or more serious situation with ankle (when you turn it in a weird way to side etc).

I also know more then one person who had minor ankle injury lately  so I want to explain to all of you small tricks what you need to know about that part of your body.

Ankle joint is a special joint - it has complex anatomy and it's quite important when it comes to us walking, standing, running,dancing etc. 

Despite of that feet is the first thing that we put on the floor, ankle is the one in charge for how precisely we will do that! Inside this joint (located in ligaments) we have special receptors called "proprio-receptors" which are responsible for connecting signals received from brain to feet in order to start our step correctly and safely.

Basically ankle is a little coordination center and "proprio-receoptors" are smart people working there:) 

This information becomes important in case of injury, it could be nothing special, just turned your ankle bit to side or something more serious like sprain or even a fracture. 

In these cases "proprio-receptors" loses their control and skill to coordinate adequate movement and placement of your feet. That means every step you take is a little lottery and there is a big chance that "proprio-receptors" will not be able to send right signals to your brain about position your feet is at the moment which can lead to incorrect signal received from brain and you can put your feet on the ground without realizing that it is soft or uneven ending up with second ankle injury in a row.


You need to be serious about this even with small situations, because therapy is easy and it is a great prophylaxis for your ankle health.

Best option is go to physio, but if you can not or while you are waiting there are small things you can do. 

Idea is that you need to train back those receptors to work properly again! Starting it slowly with standing on one leg, like training your balance you can continue with more softer and uneven surfaces, but paying a lot of attention when you get on them. You could walk in a sand, forest -barefoot or you can use modern equipment like surfaces for balance :

In beginning you will feel a bit wobbly but it will get better in a week or two and when you feel safe and stable I believe you can be sure that your "proprio-receptors" are back and ready to work!

But of course, if you have any pain or ankle is swollen or in a weird color - see your doctor! 

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