Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Gym members

This Saturday we start Dynamic Balance Class at The Gym Tottenham Hale.

It will be combination of different exercises for balance, coordination. Also it will include exercises for core both static and dynamic and special section for shoulder endurance and we will finish with basic stretching.

This class is for you to keep your posture straight after long week of sitting in office, this will improve endurance to your shoulders, so they can bear any stress put on them next week. It will help you to get better with your balance and coordination so will understand and feel your body better. Aim for core exercises is to  involve your deep abdominal and back muscles, so you can avoid back pain and your posture could look gallant at all times. 

So we start Saturday at 10 a.m. and those who love to sleep a little longer I  will meet at 3 p.m!

P.S. If you feel that your fitness level is really good, bring your own ankle and wrist weights(0,5 - 1,5kg) and this will make a class more challenging !

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