Monday, January 14, 2013

Holidays will never be over

There are more and more people every day starting to go to gym or trying some other way to forget about everything they ate, drank or did during holidays and start a new life this year! AND then they are THOSE people who are asking me about calories in alcohol on Monday morning :)

As I'm not a scientist I can't argue negative and positive effects of alcohol, but one is sure thing, if there is some positive effect it will be only from small amounts of this poison:) This post is going to be more about calories than any other effects on our body.

Alcohol itself contains 7 calories per gram but you have to keep in mind that most alcoholic drinks also contain carbohydrates. What else matters is that alcohol gives us these empty calories, which means that our body can not use them in any useful way (we use fat to support synthesis of hormones, protein for building and recovering muscles etc. ). 

Most popular alcoholic beverages and average calories they going to give you per 100g:

  • Beer                      40
  • White dry wine            70
  • White sweet wine         100
  • Whiskey                  222

Here is link to site I find easy to understand. It gives information about calories, compares alcoholic beverage calories to chocolate biscuit calories and also suggest for how long you should walk just to burn that energy! And of course tips about your health!

Use it before you are planning to open some bottle ;)

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