Friday, January 25, 2013

Going green

This will be about roasted vegetables. 

To make this magical, healthy meal you need to choose vegetables, wash them, slice them, put them in a pan and then in an oven. Wait around 20 min and dinner is ready!

How simple is that?!

I usually choose vegetables according to my mood, I just go through shop/market and try to understand what I prefer that day.

So I did, started with carrots, sliced them and put those orange slices in oven to warm up a little. Then I washed all other ingredients I had and then I understood that it is a bit funny:

It appears that I have been missing "green" in my life lately!


  1. What are those little green thingies? :D
    P.S. novāc, lūdzu, to kodu, ko prasa ievietot, lai komentētu. :D

    1. Brussels sprouts/briseles kaaposti

  2. Briseles kāposti? :D
    Kas ir tie garie sānos? tādi slaidi? :D