Sunday, December 30, 2012


I'm dedicated to movement and dedicated to help you to change trainer.I have been working as a physio/personal trainer for a while in Riga, Latvia. Recently I made a decision to challenge myself a little bit more and I moved to London.

My approach as a trainer is a mixture of all my knowledge (as a physio and a trainer) and experience with humor and easy going attitude. Not only you can train with me to lose weight, get stronger and more coordinated, but I also can help you to get rid of back pain or stiff shoulders!

I offer individual training sessions and small classes(group of friends or colleagues). I can offer a place and equipment in "The Gym" gyms or we can make other arrangements that allows you to get to your goal ( have a park near your home? office big enough, maybe even has its own gym etc.)

As I know how good it feels to overcome challenges I will be there for you in taught moments to help and support and I promise you that it will never be boring with me and you will get stronger, more flexible, fitter while enjoying process!

Remember that you don't need to wait for New Year to start to change your life! For those who need New Years help - see you next week!

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